Workshops - Sergio Lopez

You and your team will learn easy to absorb concepts and skills that will elevate you and your team at work, but also will support your life at home. During these workshops, you and/or your team will not only learn in theory, but will have the opportunity to practice right in the moment, so we make sure the concepts will stay with you.

You will learn how to stay focus and motivated as well as overcome any bad habits or plateaus. You will discover over a dozen ways to eliminate stress, so you can focus on your growth and performance. This and much, much more.

Elevate your life

This is a workshop tailored to your needs and objectives. Hands-on elements, dyads and group exercises make the learning easy and practical. A workshop designed for everyone to take the learning home and implement it in their life. Lots of leadership development, communication skills and finding the easy ways to stay motivated.

Elevate your Sales

How to:

-Achieve consistency on your sales
-Create good leads
-Get repossess from prospects
-Stay motivated
-Develop relationships
-Build rapport
-Use new technology
-Communicate beyond understanding
-Create a perfect day
-Create perfect planning and organization

This workshop is a must for teams that are ready to take sales to the next level and have their best year ever. Resolve many of these how-to, in your team, in one day. Build and elevate your best practices and tricks of consistency of sales under the bad times.

Elevate your Management

Time management, vision, excellent communication, goal oriented, leadership, teamwork and many more are today’s skills that any manager is expected to have. How do you elevate these and many more skills on all of your managers without suffocating them?

Managers offend have to deal with so many issues and different personalities every day, while performing a very high level due to the demand their jobs required. Allow your management team to discover the organic ways to stay relaxed, focus, motivated and effective under any circumstances. They will find the way to learn and evolve organically with your organization to create massive results.

Be the most confident man in the room

This is a 3 days, 3 part workshop.

Here you will find what holds you back from getting the results you want. Gain all the confidence you need to approach women, start a new business or do anything you been waiting for. Your life and results will never be the same with women, your social circle or in business after this workshop guaranteed.