About Me

My name is Sergio Lopez, and this is my truth.

Being an immigrant in the United States can be challenging even when you are doing everything right, and that’s why I decided to help those who come after me and are committed to being the best they can be and achieving their own goals and dreams. My passion for life, family, friends, vision, goals, and love is more alive today than ever.

Life can sometimes be challenging, especially if you walk this path alone. This path has a beginning but never an end. We decide when it starts and when it ends. You are not alone and don’t have to do it all alone. It is everyone’s right not only to dream BIG but also to pursue and achieve those dreams.

One of my goals in this life journey is to help those looking for support and become in contact with me.

I am often fulfilled but have yet to be done or satisfied for too long. I am always looking for what’s next and to bring those who feel the same way. A man can always be a better father, son, partner, friend, teacher, mentor, and most importantly, a better man. Today’s ceiling is tomorrow’s floor, and that’s how I approach my daily life. I am always open to learning and experiencing something new to grow and share with others.

About Me - Sergio Lopez