About Me

My name is Sergio Lopez, and this is my truth.

I always had big dreams, but I wasn’t always brave enough to go after them. I also always liked helping people but being very introverted as a young kid made it more difficult. I was too worried about what people would say and too scared of the possibility of failure. People used to tell me that my dreams were stupid, and unfortunately, I bought into that belief system. I started to make poor choices based on my limiting beliefs, and at some level, I often felt not good enough.

Being an immigrant in the United States is not always easy. Many factors like discrimination or being stereotyped made my limiting beliefs even stronger. I worked very hard to get any good results in my life as an immigrant, but even after having some successes, I still felt not good enough. Not man enough, not successful enough, not abundant enough, and simply just never enough. It took me many years, many books, much therapy, and years of coaching to overcome those fear-based limiting beliefs.

When I finally decided to take action to break free from all of those beliefs was when things finally started to change, and I never looked back. I decided to dedicate my life to support others who are committed to being the best they can be while chasing and achieving their own goals and dreams. Now on this new journey, I’m putting into practice everything I have learned in my 40 plus years of my life. My passion for life, family, friends, vision, goals, and love are more alive in me today than ever.

I understand my life journey now is to support others to be the best version of themselves, so they can follow their dreams, passions, and live joyful lives. Life is too hard when we act alone, but it’s beautiful and joyous when we have people to walk with us and guide us through this journey. You are not alone, and you don’t have to do it all alone. I believe it is everyone’s right NOT only to dream BIG, but also to pursue and achieve those dreams. My number one goal is to support you in your journey and support you by elevating your life to the maximum potential.

A man can always be a better father, son, partner, friend, teacher, mentor, and most importantly, a better man. Today’s ceiling is tomorrow’s floor, and that’s how I approach my life every day. I am always open to learn and experience something new so that I can give it back.

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About Me - Sergio Lopez